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by Maarten Hofman, 1 maart 2005.


This page is based on the DVD+RW/+R tools written by Andy Polyakov, and his WWW-page is an important resource in trying to understand this page. Obviously, I am working with OpenBSD, and to my unpleasant surprise it turned out that the otherwise excellent cdrecord tool doesn't support these kind of DVD recorders. Looking slightly further, I discovered that Any Polyakov wrote some small routines that accessed the DVD+RW drive on CD-ROM level for linux, allowing the formatting of DVD+RW media, and the writing of ISO9660 file systems on DVD+RW and DVD+R media. Because these tools were linux specific, I had to port them to OpenBSD in order to use them. This is what I did.

Thanks to the help of Scott Presnell, the tools have now also been ported to NetBSD, and should work on that platform as well.

Andy has now taken these modified versions of his tools, and merged them with his own toolset. You can therefore download the complete toolset from his download page (make sure to get version 5.5 or later). In case you've been using the tools on the page you're currently reading, I recommend that you upgrade to Andy's tools.

The tools

For the instructions (and downloads), I would like to refer to Andy's WWW-page, which explains things in detail. The tools were tested using a Philips DVD+RW-D01 but they should work will all DVD+RW drives.

Note that for OpenBSD (and probably other BSD) you will need to use the /dev/rcd0c device, rather than the /dev/cd0c device, in order to succesfully use these tools. Another thing to be wary of is the fact that BSD reportedly can't mount multi-session DVD write-once media. You can write them using these tools, but you won't be able to access them using BSD afterwards.


Check out our NEW FORUM for discussion about the various DVD + RW issues. You can also post questions which we obviously will try to answer for you.

Generic comments

The tools all have a hard-coded LUN of 0. It seems no DVD+RW drives have been manufactured with a different LUN, so this should pose no problems.


If you decide to port the tools to a new operating system, talk with Andy. With his new code setup it should be relatively easy.


The tools (and their resulting media) have been tested with the following drives/players. A * means that it has been tested by someone else. All tests were done with dvd-rom-spec booktype DVD+RW media containing at least one GB of data and DVD+R-spec DVD+R media containing at least one GB of data.
Drive/player DVD+R DVD+RW
Mintek DVD-1600 Failed Reads 50%
LITE-ON SOHW-1673S Reads/Writes OK* Reads/Writes OK*
Philips DVD+RW-D01 Reads OK Reads/Writes OK
Toshiba SD-C2502 Unknown Failed
Toshiba SD-C2612 Reads OK Reads OK
HP dvd100i Reads/Writes OK* Reads/Writes OK*
Daewoo DVD-5700 Reads OK Failed
NEC DV-5800A Reads OK Reads 67%
Memorex DVD+RW/+R 7-1 drive (3202 3251) Reads/Writes OK* Reads/Writes OK*
Playstation 2 Reads OK Reads OK
Lireon LTD163 Reads OK Reads OK
NEC 1100A / Digital Research 4x Reads/Writes OK, No booktype set Reads/Writes OK, No booktype set



  • Andy Polyakov's dvd+rw-tools. Without these source files, I would never have been able to port these tools.
  • Jörg Schilling, whose open source policy for cdrecord allowed me to learn more about SCSI access for OpenBSD.
  • University of Rochester for giving me the resources to do this project.
  • Mosha for giving me WWW-space to store these pages.
  • David Giller, Eberhard Moenkeberg, David van Leeuwen, Erik Andersen, and Jens Axboe, as I used their linux/cdrom.h file in the porting process.
  • Jorg Kennis, for his DVD+RW WWW-site.
  • Scott Presnell, for his NetBSD patch.

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